As an Interim Manager, I carry out “special missions”. I am hired for interesting, ambitious projects within supply chain domain, which because of the complicated level or ad hoc nature, should be entrusted to an external expert. I have proof of my experience gained over the years. I have worked in the highest supply chain management position forseveral multinational companies. My advice for improvements is based on my knowledge and experience. I find solutions and follow their correct implementation. It is always my aim to lower costs or to improve company’s value.

I also offer support to companies as a Shadow Manager („invisible” project/improvement leader) e.g. I supervise integration of a newly employed/promoted Logistic Director.I have decided to add to my offer this innovative form of cooperation, as it gives numerous opportunities to share knowledge and amazing possibilities todevelopnot only for an entire team but also for its individual members.

The advantages Clients get from cooperating with an“Interim” or “Shadow” manager are listed below:

  • Reinforcement or complementation of the management in a logistic/supply chain department
  • Improvement of some logistic processes
  • Efficient solutions toemerging logistic problems
  • Possibility to cooperate with an experienced practitioner with a large knowledge of logistic issues(possibility to benefit from solutions applicable in other domains, such as rates benchmarketc.)
  • Saving ofthe time and money normally needed for the trainingof a new employee
  • No extra charges that would be required for a new employee hired for the full-time job
  • Possibility of payment only for an efficiently completed project

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