• 2016 Fomar Friction Poland (MAT Holdings Inc. USA)

    External advisor for the project on the optimization of logistic processes.

    2016 (VI) – to date
  • 2016 IMS Health Consulting

    External expert for logistic projects. This for example included:
    Reporting on the third-party providers of logistic services for a pharmaceutical sector in Poland–one of the market leaders of the pharmaceutical wholesaler.

    2016 (V) – to date
  • 2016 PwC

    External expert for the management of supply chain.

    2016 (IV) – to date
  • 2014 Baltona S.A. (Flemingo International Dubai) – Interim Logistic Director (Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia)

    • Responsibility for the entire process of supply chain in travel retail and in the diplomatic channel
    • Increase of on-shelf availability (especially in high season)
    • Re-modeling of transport and storage processes and implementation of the efficient KPI system
    • Implementation of solutions for logistic cost optimization
    • Reconstruction of supply chain department and redefinition of responsibilities on each position
    • Implementation of WMS in central warehouse

    2014 (IV) – 2016 (I)
  • 2012 Graphene Partners (Advisory in Supply Chain and M&A)) – partner

    This for example included:
    • o The analysis “make or buy” for the development of the warehouse space – European producer, one of the leaders in the production of paints and plasters
      "business case" comparing different options: full outsourcing logistics vs. partial outsourcing vs. in-house logistics
    • "Business case" profitability of opening a new warehouse – distribution / FMCG industry
      preparation of the business case for a transfer to a bigger distribution center, estimation of potential savings from the process of centralization.
    • The remodeling and fixing of logistic processes – distributor/gastronomy sector
      audit and improvement of Order-to-Cash programand establishment of procedures fixing the process. This project assured the safety and cost efficiency of warehouse operations, to create an efficient program of instant reporting (level of realization of orders in case of hundreds of SKU for finished items and few thousand SKU for spare parts). Also, the project aimed to support the logistic team and the Warehouse Manager for the introduction of the new system of SKU localizations in the warehouse.
    • The Business case:the profitability of the openingof a new warehouse – leading group in retail/wholesale industry
      preparation for thebusiness case carried out for a customer, who already chose a location for his new warehouse (decision taken due to a dynamic development). Support with the estimation of benefits resulting from this change and of benefits coming from the increase of centralization of suppliers. Support during negotiations of logistic discounts with centralized suppliers.
    • The analysis of the potential of the market – software provider for supply chain industry
      analysis of the potential of the Polish market for a dynamically developing European software provider in the supply chain sector. The analysis aimed to help to the company make the decision either to/notenter the Polish market. I helped the Provider to make the final decision and I supplied information and the data necessary for SWOT analysis.
    • The improvement of the efficiency of logistic operations – leading Polish supermarket network
      The identification of the potential initiatives of optimization in supply chain. Support mainly in the fields: supply chain strategy, re-definition of processes, renegotiation of contracts with logistic operators, transport tenders, remodeling of distribution network and project management in a very dynamic business environment.
    • Remodeling of distribution networks – European leader in „Do-It-Yourself” sector
      client support in an effectiveremodeling of the distribution network, creation of a new model of distribution network, preparation of risk scenario, elaboration of new budget, support in creation of logistic processes for the entry into e-commerce (warehouse operations).
    • Support in due diligence process – one of the biggest M&A transactions in Polish logistic sector.
      support for the financial investor in the process of the overtaking of a big logistic player. The aim was to examine and inform about the potential of the overtaken player and of the possibilities to enter new business areas (analysis of the efficiency of the logistic operations, analysis of the client database, analysis of image of the player compared to competition, verification of potential of the main managers etc.).
    • Audit of logistic processes – the most important supermarket network group in Russia
      audit of logistic processes in the back of the stores and audit of logistic processes of logistic operators working for the Group due to the change of strategy. Based on the observations createdby the “action plans” (short and long terms) with determination of difficulty scale and necessary means.
    • Support to enter on the Polish market – big international logistic operator
      support for a big logistic operator (present in Western Europe and Asia) to enter the Central and Eastern markets. Provision of benchmark data and help to prepare the offer for the tender of services for the FMCG client in Poland.

    2012 (VII) – 2016 (IV)
  • 2012 INVERTO AG (Cologne, Germany) – cooperation in logistics projects

    This for example included:
    • Optimization of logistic costs: analysis of various options – leading European producer / furniture industry Result: 11,5% of savings in transport costs in Europe
    • o Support to organize a tender for logistic services – leading European retailer/cosmetic industry Result: better selection of tender participants, which had a positive influence on the result
    • Organization of a tender for transport services in Europe – leading European producer of packages for FMCG sector Result: 15% savings

    2012 (III) - to date
  • 2011 Roland Berger Strategy Consultants – cooperation in logistic projects

    This for example included:
    • o Optimization of the logistic processes in the merging of two companies – Retailer/pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry Result: reduction of logistic costs
    • Reorganization of supply chain department – retailer/FMCG sector Result: preparation of peculiar requirements for each job position

    2011 (IX) – 2013 (VI)
  • 2011 AM Consult Group (Bonn, Germany) – cooperation in logistic projects

    This for example included:
    • Standardization of logistic processes – leading European supplier/energy industry Result: The preparation of procedures for different processes
    2011 (IX) – 2013 (VI)

Professional experience (permanent work)

  • 2009 CARREFOUR POLAND – senior manager responsible for all the logistic operations in Carrefour,Poland

    • Management of warehouses and optimization of the processes (fresh, dry, frozen products) – total of warehouse surface = 100 000 m2
    • Management of transport and optimization of distribution processes (average daily distribution of pallets = 10 000)
    • Management of packaging and optimization of processes (pallets, roll containers, boxes)
    • Direct management of a team of 30 people (senior managers, managers, specialists, leaders)
    • Cooperation with logistic service providers
    • Implementation and supervision of various logistics projects
    • Responsibility for annual budgets for logistic operations = 250 millionPLN

    2009 (II) – 2011 (IV)
  • 2007 GORENJE POLANDSp z o. o. – logistic director

    • Main responsibilities: to lower the logistic costs
    • Plan and organize a new warehouse in Poland (10.000m2)
    • Manage logistics and invoicing within the same department to optimize processes
    • Audit of logistic processes and improvement of its efficiency (transport, storage)
    • Preparation of efficient flow of logistic information between GorenjePoland,Gorenje head office in Slovenia and production centers situated in various countries in Europe(Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic)
    • To strengthen company’s market position through application of logistic solutions which influenced growth of clients’ satisfaction (competition through the efficient logistics)
    • Effective use of SAP in efficient logistic
    • Management of dozen employees in department of logistics and invoicing.

    I have accepted this job offer only for the time of the implementation of the new project: optimization of logistic processes, construction and transfer to the new warehouse.

    2007 (II) – 2008 (VIII)
  • 2005 BEKO S.A. (Arcelik Group) – Logistic Director (forPoland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia)

    • Organization of logistic departments in each country and control of their correct functioning
    • Responsibility for systematization of logistic processes in Poland (including application of the new law on obligation of recycling of electrical and electronic equipment) and optimization of cooperation with Marketing, Service and Accountability departments.
    • Control of logistic costs and their optimization in each of the above-mentioned countries
    • Negotiation of contracts with logistic operators in each country, cooperation with Operators and control of provided services
    • Optimization of international logistic processes – search of new solutions and their applications (preparation of production programs for production centers, organization of transport from production centers and BEKO S.A. branches, management of warehouse stocks, control of customs procedures, elimination of damages)
    • Management of an international team (trainings of employees, motivation, control of realization of entrusted tasks).
    • I was a member of an international team of experts in the project: “Optimization of costs in an international supply chain in Arcelik Group” (Istanbul 2006)

      2005 (V) – 2007 (II)
  • 2001 East Trading Company (ARDO) – coordinator for international logistics

    • The organization of transport for home appliance products in Europe (from the production centers in Italy to ARDO branches in Poland, Russia, Lithuania and Ukraine)
    • Cooperation and negotiations of contracts with transport companies in Poland and in Italy– constant analysis of the market (achievement: the lowest transport unit cost in the sector)
    • Control of correct flow of customs operations
    • Determination of production programs for the production centers
    • Management of stocks and orders

    2001 (V) – 2005 (IV)